Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What makes a good interview?

Far and away the most important component of a good interview is the questions. The questions are what makes the person reveal things about themselves that other people find interesting, or expose their real personality. The questions themselves need to be carefully designed, constructed to dig deeper than the person might want to reveal. Questions need to be open ended as well. A yes or no question will bring the interview nowhere fast, while a more interesting, open ended question such as: what is your favorite memory of such and such? Invite long, personal stories and interesting reponses.

Monday, September 16, 2013

What does journalism mean to me?

Journalism, to me, is the act of giving the public information. Whether it be information about a person, a place, or some event, it is the idea of information or ideas being free in their purest form, that of the article. The informational article.
To me personally, the area of journalism I want to focus on is the exposé. The act of uncovering information that is protected, that people deserve to know. Not personality profiles, not what a movie star had for breakfast, but company secrets, environmental destruction, governmental lies. The trade of secrets, the reveal of the curtain so all the world can see the truth.
Of course, I'm getting rather ahead of myself. I will most likely not be revealing in depth secrets during my time in journalism. Even so, I want to understand the people who have. The people who have stuck their necks out, at great personal risk, to take a chance at doing something right. Revealing information the public needs to hear.
Journalism, to me, is not personality profiles or telivision reviews. Those are mere offshoots of a form of revelatory writing. To me, being a true journalist is discovering, uncovering, or clarifying that which should be known by people who need to know it. The truth.