Wednesday, November 20, 2013

First Impressions 

What are your first impressions of Truman Capote? Is he likeable? Why/why not? How is your first impression of him affected by knowing that he was a real person?

My first impression of capote in the movie was that he was rather likeable. He appeared socially awkward with a good heart, and I warmed to him. He didnt seem manipulative in the least, only kind and happy. Later, however, my opinions changed as I saw him lie repeatedly to his subject in jail. He lied easily and rather intelligently, making me think perhaps my other impressions of him were based on falsehoods. This is of course largely affected knowing he actually exists, as his easy lies may have been due to a talented actor. Of course, the action itself is most likely true. Anyways, from the movie I recieved the impression he is manipulative but emotional and goodhearted, and I believe these things must be true in their basic form as any movie based on real life will strive to have an accurate character. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

How should the NFL treat bullying?

Harshly. Sports team are, despite opinions to the contrary, a working environment. People come to pursue their dreams, earn a living, and find their way to fame and fortune. It is a job, a dynamically different one from an office to be sure, but a job and a career nonetheless. This is where bullying comes into consideration. In any career environment, bullying and harassment are treated with a zero tolerance policy. It is not acceptable to bully another individual at your job. It shouldn't be in the NFL, as football is a job. That's one reason. Another is the simple fact that the NFL is a role model for many younger people. If the players exhibit a culture of bullying, homophobia and machismo, then younger people on teams will be strongly influenced in those directions. If for nothing else, bullying should be treated seriously in the NFL because those people who look up to the players should not be seeing a culture of bullying. When these two issues come into consideration, it's obvious that the NFL should take bullying with the utmost seriousness.

How important is the intention/reaction?

When considering any case of bullying, a careful balance between intentions and reactions is necessary. On one hand, a person intending to do little harm to someone may hurt someone anyway and might need to be punished. However, it is important to consider the honesty of the reaction. Certainly if one feels uncomfortable, actions need to be taken. One can also fake discomfort rather easily, and claiming to be bullied has benefits for people who don't particularly mind lying or hurting others. In this case, however, I think Martin was honest. The perpetrator may not have meant harm, but he still caused a great deal of discomfort, as evidenced from many different witnesses.

When do pranks cross the line?

Pranks cross the line when they become overly hurtful or antagonistic. One incident, which wasn't meant to be hurtful, is not truly bullying in my mind. Everyone makes mistakes and should not be punished for a one time incident. However, anything repeated or directly intended to be hurtful is a case of bullying and should be treated very seriously.