Monday, December 16, 2013

Issues with Instagram

I think people put far to much effort into depicting their lives through social media. So many people want their otherwise average existences to appear interesting and exciting, so they work hard to get perfect shots of vacations, pets, activities and themselves. And after all, what use is any of it? Nobody is going to see those pictures and say, hey, I want to be friends with that person. Nobody is going to look at your latest food picture and want to offer you a job or a meaningful life. No, it's useless, quite frankly. Instead of making somebody feel good about themselves, it causes them to over anylize their life, searching for meaning and worth in the form of material objects to show off.
There are many things wrong with looking forward to events just to post photos afterward. Instead of living in the moment and appreciating their life as it is, an individual just wants to rush in to get that perfect shot. Afterward, they will feel I satisfied and wonder why. If a person just wants to somehow show off to people, saying they have it better, then they actually won't, because they are spending their time attempting to show people rather then enjoying themselves.
I agree that people shouldn't post trophies or expensive things. I think people should use Instagram for posting artistic photos, of nature, things not normally seen, art. Not food or airlines or other ways of making others feel useless.


  1. I completely agree with your first paragraph but the second paragraph brings up some interesting points...

  2. I completely agree with both of your paragraphs you state a lot of good points. You bring up a lot of facts that people don't see