Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Career Profile

I find Mrs Hunter organizing papers in the half period study hall following my AP environmental science class. I approach her and ask if she would like to answer a few questions about her career, as I've been assigned to interview someone whose career I am interested in. Her eyes light up when I mention my own interest, and I can see she is very enthusiastic. AP environmental has always been one of my favorite classes, due to both parts to my own interest in the subject as well as my teachers enthusiasm. I look forward to finding out a little more about my teachers field of work, as I know she has worked in the sciences, as well as getting to know more about her.
 Sitting down, I begin my interview by asking whether or not she had always been interested in the sciences growing up. She considers it for a moment.
"Growing up, I can't remember too much particular interest in science. When I got to high school and college is when I first noticed I really enjoyed science, after taking biology and chemistry. I actually went undeclared until sophomore year in college."
I'm actually rather surprised that she decided so late. As someone who has been attempting to single handedly plan my entire future for the past several months of high school, I am relieved to hear about someone else who was unsure about their path, and ended up in a satisfying career. I ask her several more questions about her inspirations in college and so forth, and eventually ask her about the kind of work she did once she was out of college. "When I was first out of college, I was actually a ski instructor for a few years. Then I decided to get a different job, and with a science degree I found a genetics lab. Genetics was a very big thing back then, as the field was just opening up, and I quickly found myself working in different laboratories in a few different places." I can see she enjoys talking about her career. I'm interested in how she got caught up in the genetics field. I can remember learning about genetics in biology and im interested in it myself. I begin to wonder why she went from genetics, something she seemed to be interested in, to being a teacher.
"When I worked in these labs, it was very interested work. However, in all but one of the places I worked, I was working alone in the lab. I had very little social interaction at work. So, I decided to go back to college to get a degree in education, because I really wanted more social opportunities and I had always known I might want to become a teacher eventually."
Social interaction. This is something I had actually rarely considered, when plotting out my own career in writing and science. I'm vaguely concerned to hear it can persuade one to switch careers entirely. However, I'm reassured by mrs hunters apparent happiness and contentedness with her path. One thing I notice is how when she talks she appears happy with the decisions she's made and the path her life has taken. I hope that one day I can look back with the same amount of satisfaction she seems to feel. I finally ask her the question that's been begging to be asked. Do you enjoy teaching?
"I love it," she responds with a smile. "I love the social aspect as well as being able to teach people different things that interest me. Also, it's a very interesting job because of how much current information I can incorporate into my classes. So much is always changing in the field of science, and it's interesting to bring these new things to the classroom, and I don't get bored. I also really like working with students and the staff here."
Having been impressed with this answer, I ask her one more, pertaining to my own interest. If she had any words of advice for someone looking into a science career. She let me know that biology is such a wide field that I could enter it and end up doing many things. She said to let one thing lead to another. I'm happy I got the chance to find out more about my teacher and the career I'm interested in, and I hope that someday my own career leads to a place where I am happy.


  1. The opening was a bit stale, but overall it's a really nice piece! The dialogue in this (especially more Mrs. hunter) is really nice and well out together.

  2. Also the way you described things that happened, makes for interesting visuals.

  3. This was very well written and I liked how you talked about some of the subjects that she was talking about, it was cool seeing two different perspectives. I also felt like I was actually at the interviews, good job.